With Neko Automation, you can be sure of the unsurpassed quality and reliability of our equipment. Founded in 1993, Neko Automation has built a strong reputation in the Asia Pacific as the leading developer of refurnished pre-owned equipment. With over 20,000 square feet of advanced facilities, you can be assured of our high quality standards.

No more sudden equipment beakdowns. No more frustrating missing spare parts. All equipment at Neko undergoes a preliminary survey, followed by a partial strip down, which enables a detailed inspection of all major parts. All electrical circuits are checked and any worn machanical parts are repaired or replaced. The machine is then cleaned, repainted where necessary, reassembled and calibrated to within its specifications. Lastly, efficiency tests are run to verify the machines.

You can trust our teams of highly specialized engineers to overhaul your equipment, resulting in the finest refurbished equipment money can buy.

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